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"Unlocking the Benefits: Exploring the Purpose Behind Our Hair Colour Package at A&S Hair and Beauty in Brecon"

Updated: Jul 16

Hair colour packages are an excellent way to achieve your desired look while ensuring a comprehensive and professional service. Let’s explore some options:

Whats included in all the packages?

Let’s break down the components of this bespoke hair colour service and explore how it can help you achieve your desired look:

  • Bespoke Colour:

  • This means that the hair colour will be customized specifically for you. Alex will consider your natural hair colour, skin tone, and personal preferences to create a unique shade that complements your features.

  • Root Smudge:

  • A root smudge is a technique where the stylist softens the line between your natural roots and the coloured hair. It creates a seamless transition and prevents harsh regrowth lines.

  • Root Tap:

  • A root tap involves applying a toner or gloss to the roots. It refreshes the colour, adds shine, and ensures that the roots blend beautifully with the rest of your hair.

  • Glossing:

  • Glossing is a shine-enhancing treatment that adds vibrancy and depth to your hair. It can be clear or tinted to enhance your chosen colour.

  • Toner:

  • A toner is used to adjust the undertones of your hair. It helps neutralize any unwanted brassiness or yellow tones, leaving your hair looking fresh and cool.

  • Cut & Blow-Dry:

  • After colouring, Alex will give you a precision haircut to shape and style your hair. The blow-dry ensures a polished finish.

  • K18 Hair Treatment:

  • The K18 treatment is a miracle molecule that repairs hair damage at a molecular level. It reverses damage caused by bleaching, colouring, and chemical services. Unlike traditional masks, it’s a leave-in formula that strengthens and restores your hair12.

Remember, this comprehensive package ensures not only beautiful colour but also the health and protection of your hair. Enjoy your salon experience!


Package 1

Balayage (Low Maintenance)

Balayage is an excellent choice for those seeking a low-maintenance hair colour that remains fabulous for an extended period

balayage in brecon

Benefits of Balayage:

Package 2

lived in blonde, low maintenance colour.

Lived-in blonde is a hair colour trend that has gained popularity in recent years. It’s the antithesis of root-to-tip, salon-fresh highlights. Here’s what you need to know about this effortlessly chic style:

lived in blonde in brecon

  1. Description:

  • Lived-in blondes have a beautifully undone feel. They’re not overly polished or high-maintenance.

  • The colour often features rich, golden tones with hints of honey, caramel, and bronde (brown blonde).

  • Cool or neutral blondes with a beachy vibe also fall into this category.

  1. Why It’s Popular:

  • Versatility: Lived-in blondes work with all skin tones.

  • Soft Regrowth: Thanks to freehand painting, the regrowth is subtle and easy to maintain.

  1. Techniques for Achieving Lived-In Blonde:

  • Balayage:

  • The ultimate lived-in blonde service.

  • Set mid-lengths and ends aglow using freehand sweeps of BlondorPlex.

  • No harsh root lines, perfect for low-maintenance looks.

  • Illuminage:

  • Inspired by California beach babes.

  • Combines soft root shadow with sun-kissed ribbons.

  • Illumina Colour gives locks a radiant glow.

Package 3

Full blonding service

Blonding is the process of dyeing your hair any shade of blonde. It’s not as simple as grabbing a box of dye and heading to the bathroom. Whether you’re aiming for honey, platinum, or strawberry blonde, blonding can be complex, especially if you’re transitioning from dark to light hair. Let’s dive into the details:

brecon blonding service

  1. Types of Blonding Services: A&S Hair and Beauty.

  • Foils: If you’ve had highlights before, you’re familiar with foils. These shiny strips of paper allow your hairdresser to apply dye to individual sections of hair without affecting the surrounding areas. Foils can create subtle streaks or bold, contrasting chunks. They offer depth and versatility by using varying shades of blonde.

  • Babylights: These are subtle highlights that combine elements of balayage and standard foil highlights. Babylights require less upkeep than foils and strategically add depth to your hair, similar to balayage. They flatter any hair color, skin tone, or face shape.

  1. Balayage: Pronounced “bah-lay-ahzh,” balayage is a hand-painted technique that has been a top-requested service in salons across America for the last five years. It provides a natural, sun-kissed effect by subtly blending color throughout the hair1.

  2. Care Tips:

  • Maintenance: Blonding often requires regular touch-ups to maintain the desired shade.

  • Toning: To combat unwanted brassiness, toning products can help keep your blonde looking fresh.

  • Hydration: Blonde hair tends to be more porous, so use hydrating products to keep it healthy.

Remember, going blonde can be a fun experience, but it’s essential to follow proper steps to achieve the best results.

Package 4

Scalp bleach, the highest maintenance colour.

Scalp bleaching at A&S Hair and Beauty is a hair-lightening method used to achieve very light hair colours, such as blonde, white, or silver. Here’s what you need to know:

brecon scalp bleach

  1. What is Scalp Bleaching?

  • Scalp bleaching involves applying bleach to the roots and lengths of the hair.

  • It’s useful for clients seeking an all-over platinum blonde look.

  • Always have a professional colourist perform scalp bleaching to avoid unwanted side effects and achieve the desired result.

  1. Who is Scalp Bleaching For?

  • Ideal for clients looking for an all-over blonde colour or maximum impact lift before other colour services.

  1. Duration:

  • A scalp bleach can take between 2.5 and 4 hours, depending on technique, products, and aftercare processes.

  1. Potential Side Effects:

  • If not done professionally, scalp bleaching can cause issues like chemical burns or contact dermatitis.

  • Uneven lifting may result in patchy blonde that toning can’t fix.

other hair packages I offer will be in suit a maintance or an up keep of your current colour.

Package 5.

T-section/ face framing.

This is perfect for client's who like to keep their hair looking fresh in-between big colour services.

t section in brecon


  • The T-section refers to a specific area of the head shaped like the letter “T.” It includes the hairline and parting.

  • This technique focuses on brightening the face-framing sections while leaving the rest of the hair untouched.

  • It’s perfect for clients who want to add dimension and brightness without committing to a full head of highlights or colour.

  1. Benefits:

  • Low Maintenance: Since it targets specific areas, the T-section requires less upkeep than all-over colour.

  • Natural Look: By framing the face, it enhances features and adds a subtle glow.

  • Versatility: You can choose from various shades, including highlights, babylights, or balayage.

Package 6

Full head colour

A full-head colour service at A&S hair and beauty involves applying a single colour all over your head, from roots to tips. Here’s what you can expect:

full head colour in brecon

  1. Description:

  • The stylist will use permanent colour to cover grey hair or lift virgin hair by up to 3 levels.

  • Alternatively, semi-permanent colour can be used to change the depth, tone, and add shine to your hair.

  1. Benefits:

  • Uniform Look: Achieve a consistent colour throughout your hair.

  • Coverage: Perfect for covering greys or achieving an all-over shade.

  • Affordability: Full-head permanent colour is often more affordable than intricate highlights.

  1. Process:

  • Consultation: Discuss your desired look with Alex stylist.

  • Application: The bespoke colour is mixed and carefully applied to your hair.

  • Development: Relax while the colour takes effect.

  • Wash and Rinse: Foils are removed, and your hair is shampooed and conditioned.

  • Blowdry: Alex will express-blowdry your new look.

Package 7

Toner refresh

A toner refresh at A&S Hair and Beauty is a fantastic way to maintain and enhance your hair colour between major salon visits. Let’s delve into the details:

toner in brecon

  1. What is Toner?

  • Toner is a semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair colour product.

  • It is used to adjust the undertones of your hair, neutralizing any unwanted brassiness or yellow tones.

  • Toners can be clear or tinted in various shades, including pastels and fashion colours.

  1. Why Opt for a Toner Refresh?

  • Subtle Enhancement: Toner refreshes your existing colour without drastic changes.

  • Shine and Vibrancy: It adds shine and depth, making your hair look freshly coloured.

  • Low Commitment: Toners gradually fade, allowing you to experiment without long-term commitment.

  1. Application:

  1. Maintenance Tips:

  • Use colour-safe shampoos and conditioners to prolong toner vibrancy.

  • Consider reapplying toner at the salon if desired.

Remember, a toner refresh keeps your hair looking its best and adds that extra touch of radiance!

Please feel free to call in to the salon in Brecon for a free consultation or you can book online with the link below.

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